About US

Vetneuro was established as a neurological treatment center offering private veterinary neurological care services of the highest medical standards enabling provision of cutting edge treatment, both medical and surgical, for a wide range of neurological diseases in animals.
We place emphasis on life quality of both animals and their owners, always maintaining close contact with the referring veterinarian in whose hands treatment of the animal was entrusted.

On the Vetneuro team are three specialists in veterinary neurology: Dr. Itai Barnoon, Dr. Itai Srugo and Dr. Yael Chamisa. All three are diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Neurology (ECVN).

Since founded by Dr. Srugo and Dr. Barnoon, Vetneuro provides medical and surgical services  for animals suffering from central nervous system disorders  such as prolapsed discs ,inflammatory  brain and spinal cord diseases ,traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and tumors as well as diseases of the peripheral nervous system.  We specialize in neurological and neurosurgical therapy of household pets, horses, farm animals, exotic animals and wildlife.

The field of veterinary neurology is advancing rapidly. New technologies help neurologists in pinpointing and treating nervous system disorders making it possible to cure diseases which only a few years ago were considered terminal, this allows for providing our pets longer, healthier lives.

Vetneuro's neurologists utilize the most advanced imaging systems (CT and MRI) and cooperate with several imaging centers and emergency veterinary clinics throughout Israel.

The services we at Vetneuro provide include, amongst others, a wide range of diagnostic and treatment procedures such as: electro-diagnostics (hearing tests, EMG, nerve conduction studies), myelography, sampling and analysis of spinal fluid. We also perform neurosurgical procedures (both brain and spinal) using the most advanced surgical equipment.


we also have portable systems enabling spinal fluid examination (CSF) and result analysis in the field or at the veterinary clinics outside our specialty center.

Cases from many veterinary clinics throughout Israel are referred to us for consultation regarding neurological injuries and diseases. We provide our services, in coordination with owners and vets, at our specialty center, at emergency centers or in private clinics. It is possible for owners to independently schedule for consultation but we always prefer that the general practitioners  to be involved.
Upon visiting our facilities the animal will undergo comprehensive neurological assessment, owners and vets will then be advised of results and possible treatment strategies.

We regard Vetneuro as an extension of veterinary clinics working within the community. We provide services which include procedures such as spinal cord surgery, disc surgery, tumor extraction, treatment of epilepsy and therapy for neuro-muscular deficiencies and much more.
Vetneuro is here to support vets and allow them to provide the best possible care, all for the benefit of owners and pets alike.

We are committed to providing top quality, highly professional, medical care and thank you in advance for trusting us to help take care of your beloved pets.

For further information don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to be of service at any time.

We Treat:

  • Spasms and epilepsy
  • Back and neck pain
  • Prolapsed disc in dogs and cats
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Spinal cord and brain tumors
  • Alterations in animal behavior of cats and dogs
  • Balance related problems
  • Neurological blindness
  • General or muscular tremors

We Provide Procedures Such As:

Brain and spinal cord surgery for cats and dogs:

  • Prolapsed disc
  • Spinal injuries
  • Surgical treatment of Lumbro-sacral disease in dogs
  • Extraction of spinal cord and brain tumors in cats and dogs
  • Drain insertion for treatment of hydrocephalus and arachnoid cysts

Non-surgical treatments:

  • Epilepsy and tremors
  • Inflammation of brain and spinal cord meninges
  • Balance related disorders in cats and dogs
  • Pain relief
  • Muscular disease in cats and dogs
  • Acupuncture for neurological disorders

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